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Scrip Gift Card Program

Our Scrip Gift Card Program allows your nonprofit organization to purchase Kwik Trip, Inc. Gift Cards for a discount. Your group then sells the Scrip Gift Cards at face value and keeps the profit. In addition, your organization will earn an additional 10% rebate when your customers purchase in-store merchandise* with their Scrip cards – giving your organization the potential to earn even more!

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How does Scrip work?

What are organizations saying about Scrip?

“Our Kwik Trip Scrip gift cards are in high demand from our families. The rebates from their purchases offset their tuition and lunch accounts, and they are always so pleased to see those rebates on their invoices. Between their purchases and those made by their friends and families, they see their dollars stretch even further!”

Laurie Bowlin – Scrip Coordinator
Winona Area Catholic Schools, Winona, MN

“The Kwik Trip Scrip program has by far been the best seller in our Scrip program. Not only does our school benefit from the cash return but their prices are very reasonable for a convenience store. It’s a win-win program for our parents. Also, your employees are the BEST! Always friendly and helpful.”

Donna Delagardelle – Scrip Coordinator
St. Athanasius School, Jesup, IA

“This is such a great opportunity for our kids to raise funds for trips. From our first sale in 2014 to our most recent sale in 2016, we have made a profit of $59,696.87. This is money people would already spend at Kwik Trip regardless. Because they choose to funnel it through our Scrip program, our students reap the benefits. Thank you, Kwik Trip!!”

Dave Kies – Director of Bands
West Salem High School, West Salem, WI

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What’s a Pre-Sale?

Some organizations prefer to collect orders and money from supporters before purchasing their Scrip Cards. This helps to ensure that there will not be extra inventory and funds are collected upfront. For your convenience, we also have Pre-sell Forms for you to use.


Who can participate in the Scrip Program?

    • Any organization can participate!

Can organizations purchase Scrip cards from store locations?

    • Unfortunately no. The cards must be ordered from the corporate office. When your account is set up you will be given a user ID and password so that you can place orders online. You can also place orders by emailing us at

What forms of payment are accepted?

    • Scrip cards can be paid for by check or by ACH checking account. With the ACH option, funds can either be withdrawn from the bank account you provide on the next business day after your order is shipped or 30 days after your order is shipped.

Where can Scrip cards be used?

    • The gift cards can be used at any Kwik Trip/Kwik Star location. They can be used at the pumps or for any in-store purchase, excluding financial services.

What does the Scrip Program cost to join?

    • The Scrip Program is free to join.

Is there a minimum order requirement?

    • There is no minimum order requirement.

How are the cards delivered and what is the cost?

    • All cards are shipped at no cost to the organization. You will receive the cards within 3 to 4 business days.