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Fried Chicken For Life

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Kwik Trip Fried Chicken. For Life.

If you’ve had our fried chicken, you know it’s delicious. (If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?) But it’s possible that the only thing better than our fried chicken is FREE fried chicken. For life. Starting February 27, 2024, any fried chicken purchase at all Kwik Trip and Kwik Star locations will get you entered into a drawing that could win you one free 8-piece fried chicken per week for life. That’s a lot of chicken. And did we mention it’s free?
Buy 1 Family Sized Chicken get 25 cpg with Order Ahead
Hungry for lunch? Grab some boneless wings from the Hot Spot. More of a crispy chicken sandwich guy? No problem, pick one up and add all the toppings and condiments that you’d like. Planning ahead for dinner? Order Ahead an 8-piece fried chicken to be hot and ready to go when you arrive. Tenders? Obviously. Any fried chicken purchase made while using Kwik Rewards between February 27th and April 8th, 2024 will have you entered to win fried chicken for life.
Be sure to swipe your Kwik Rewards card when you purchase so we know you’re serious about this, because we’re serious about our chicken. And about giving it away. For free. For life.

2, 4 and 8-piece Fried Chicken

Chicken Tenders

Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Boneless Wings

Fried Chicken for Life
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