Welcome to Kwik Rewards Fleet - Kwik Trip | Kwik Star

Hello new Kwik Rewards Fleet member! We’re happy to have you here. Read on to learn everything you need to know about your new card!

Kwik Rewards Fleet members receive six main benefits including:

  1. Digital coupons
  2. Digital punch cards
  3. A free drink and free shower credit with a 50 gallon purchase
  4. Points for in-store purchases
  5. Points for commercial fuel purchases
  6. Sweepstakes entries

Just like our consumer Kwik Rewards, Kwik Rewards Fleet members are also eligible for the same coupons, punch cards, and sweepstakes. The main difference between the two loyalty programs is Kwik Rewards fleet earns points, while the consumer Kwik Rewards earns visits and fuel discounts.

A Kwik note: guests may only use one rewards card on a transaction. If the guest has both Kwik Rewards and Kwik Rewards Fleet, they will need to choose which card they’d like to swipe.

One point equals 1 cent to use on most in-store purchases. This excludes fuel, tobacco, lottery, postage, alcohol and gift cards. This new points program is a tier-based program. The amount of points Fleet members earn for the current month is determined by the total gallons fueled during the previous month, as seen in the below chart.

With a 50 gallon fill of diesel, CNG or dispensed DEF, you earn a drink credit and a shower credit. The drink credit is good for 24 hours and the shower credit is good for 14 days! Points, drinks, and showers earned can be tracked on the app, or at the bottom of a printed receipt. In order to redeem a drink or shower credit, the drink or shower must be on the transaction. When the loyalty card is swiped or in app barcode is scanned, it will credit the price of the drink and/or shower once a tender type is selected.

Points are earned by swiping the Kwik Rewards Fleet card or scanning the in-app barcode prior to payment. The exception is if a driver is utilizing a Smartdesq or SmartAuth register system; the pump pin pad will ask for form of payment to be swiped first to authorize the pump, then prompt for the Kwik Rewards Fleet card to be swiped. Fleet members cannot use their phone number to earn points.

The Fleet Rewards mobile app is a convenient way to monitor your rewards! Each Kwik Rewards program has its own app. Search for Kwik Rewards Fleet in the Apple App Store or Google Play on Androids.

Lowest Legal Prices

There are multiple tabs within the Fleet Rewards app to get the most out of your Fleet card at your fingertips, including:

Coupons: Communicates coupons available that month. The coupons must be “added” to your account in order to redeem when you checkout.

Bonus Points: Allows you to view monthly bonus point opportunities.

Specials: Directs the you to our daily in-store deals.

Locations: Gives you the ability to search which of our stores have tractor/trailer access, DEF at the pump, showers, scales, and other professional driver amenities. Locations will also display stores’ current fuel prices.

Settings: Enables you to instantly update your account information.

If you have a question or an issue, please email KwikRewards@KwikTrip.com with your Kwik Rewards Fleet Loyalty number, time, date, transaction number, and a description of the issue encountered.