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How the fundraising card program works

  • Your organization must enroll and purchase Kwik Trip, Inc. gift cards through the Kwik Trip Support Center. Sorry, but this program is NOT available through our stores.
  • Proof of your group’s non-profit status will be required, or a W9 form if organization is not a non-profit

Car Wash Card

Car Wash Fundraising

  • Purchase Kwik Trip, Inc. 5-count Ultimate car wash cards for $20
  • Sell the car wash cards for $36 each
  • Your organization receives a $16 profit

Gift cards

Gift Card Fundraising

Organizations purchase Kwik Trip, Inc. gift cards at a discounted rate, resell them at face value, and keep the profit

Regular and Fuel Only gift cards: 5% discount

Grocery Only gift cards: 15% discount

* Items not eligible to be purchased with Grocery Only include fuel, tobacco, alcohol, gift cards, lottery/lotto, and stamps

*Kwik Trip reserves the right to change programs without notice

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There is one login for both the car wash and gift card fundraising programs. If you have questions about your existing fundraising account, please contact our credit department at 800-305-6666 or email

Printable Order Form

If you wish to pay by check, print this form and return with payment.

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What's a pre-sale?

Some organizations prefer to collect orders and money from supporters before purchasing their fundraising gift cards. This helps to ensure that there will not be extra inventory and funds are collected upfront. For your convenience, we also have pre-sell forms for you to use here:

Who can benefit?

Sports Teams


Music & Arts

School Clubs

Booster Clubs

And more!

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