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Our stores offer a variety of low-priced Tobacco, Vapor and Nicotine products. We scan the ID of anyone who appears to be 30 years old or younger, please be prepared to show ID.

Unlock Additional Savings

Kwik Rewards members save more on age-restricted products. Verify your age and update your Kwik Rewards preferences to begin saving.

How can I receive savings on Tobacco Products?

Verify your age and update your preferences in your Kwik Rewards account here to begin saving.

 What is Age Verification?

As part of our ongoing responsible marketing efforts and to prevent underage usage of restricted products, we need to verify your age within your Kwik Rewards account. This optional step uses a third-party service to verify the information submitted and will enable eligibility of additional age-restricted products on your account.

Why is my Age Verification Failing?

Our third-party service uses trusted public data records and sources to return an age validation based on the personal information you submit. Be sure you are entering your full legal name and correct mailing address.